Why is it worth it?


Why is it worth investing in real estate

Throughout the last few months we have been flooded with information about inflation. But what does that really mean for our money over a long period of time?

Please consider the difference between inflation and a decline in the value of money as well as the reasons for this, as it is in your interest …

We would like to give you an instrument so that you can see for yourself what this means.

We will give you a simple calculation formula for the example amount of PLN 100 000.00 and all you have to do is to replace it with an amount you choose. 


Let us look at some calculation examples.

It is you and not the government or the President of NBP who are responsible for your decisions for the future as regards your own finances.

How much is your PLN 100 000.00 worth after one year, 3 years, 10 years and 30 years? You should remember that there can always be a one-time “shot” of, for example, 30%, and then the average inflation changes again. In this case the value of the purchased real estate also changes, and, as a consequence, the amount left for us following the sale of the real estate and repayment of a possible credit facility also changes. When planning your future and financial security, you should consider the table below


The today’s value of PLN 100 000.00  corresponds to: 

by/afterInflation 3%Inflation 5%Inflation 7%Inflation 9%Inflation 12%Inflation 15%
1 year97 087 zł95 238 zł93 458 zł91 743 zł89 286 zł86 957 zł
3 years91 514 zł86 384 zł81 630 zł77 218 zł71 178 zł65 752 zł
5 years86 261 zł78 353 zł71 299 zł64 993 zł56 743 zł49 718 zł
10 years74 409 zł61 391 zł50 835 zł42 241 zł32 197 zł24 718 zł
15 years64 186 zł48 102 zł36 245 zł27 454 zł18 270 zł12 289 zł
20 years55 368 zł37 689 zł25 842 zł17 843 zł10 367 zł6 110 zł
30 years41 199 zł23 138 zł13 137 zł7 537 zł3 338 zł1 510 zł


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